After purchasing my first DSLR camera I found that I was using it very much as I had the small point and shoot camera which I had been using previously. I booked a three hour outing with David and I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short space of time. David did not blind me with science but gave me information in small, easy to understand chunks. Thanks very much David it was a great day out.

Carl Thompson - Scottish Borders

After David showed me how to take an exposure reading and use the exposure lock on the camera I've not looked back. Thanks David, my images are 100% better now.

Colin Derbyshire - Northumberland

I have now spent a few evenings in Durham and Newcastle doing night photography with David, something which I had struggled with since buying my camera. My images always seemed to be too dark or overexposed and didn't look very natural. Thanks to David they are now so much better exposed with a greater Depth of Field.

Carol Spencer - Darlington

I booked some Photoshop lessons with David, mainly to learn how to do some basic processing with JPG's. David convinced me to start and take RAW images instead, and showed me how easy it was to do the basic processing using Photoshop Camera Raw. A couple of lessons later and I would not go back to shooting JPG's.

Mick Russell - Durham

I was very new to photography when I met with David and only owned a small mid-range "point and shoot" camera. David assured me that it wasn't the camera but the person behind it that mattered. With David's guidance and easy to understand technical information I have been able to get images I didn't believe were possible. Hope to go out with you again in the New Year with my new DSLR.

Tony Moran - Newcastle

Thanks David for teaching me how to blend images together in Photoshop, I now get much better results than I did in the past.

Susan Jones - Bishop Auckland

If you are looking for someone to teach you the basics of image processing in Photoshop then you can't do any better than David!

Jennifer Samson - Teesdale

Thanks for taking on a total novice who hates reading manuals. My wife has also taken an keen interest in photography too. ;¬) You went at our pace and we have lots to practice and investigate which we will enjoy.

Steve & Barbara Young - Yorkshire

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